Things I Learned From The Folly

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Written By: Jonathan L. Fischer  For Washington City Paper The Folly is damn handsome. It’s also damn cheap—it’s free, that is, on account of a fundraiser the editors of the D.C. literary journal held at Marvin not long ago. And a lot of it’s pretty damn interesting. There’s a poem by Child Ballads leader Stewart Lupton; possibly fake […]

Hip-Shot: ‘Showcase Showdown’

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Written By: Glen Weldon For Washington City Paper There’s also the fact that the stories these performers tell have been workshopped to hell — painstakingly shaped, honed, crafted for maximum effect.  Which, if you think about it, is about un-Fringey as it gets. And that’s probably why this year’s outing, with its slap-dash gameshow bells and whistles (the […]

Hip Shot: ‘Self-Service’

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Written By: Caroline Jones For Washington City Paper They say: “Like sugar in Carolina iced tea, Sheldon sprinkles a lot of comedy into his tale of a precious rural Southern boy, ‘sissified but dignified’ who transforms to an urban man looking for love and settling for sex and sour candy.” Caroline’s take: A show about coming to […]

Being A Black Man

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Being A Black Man

Source: Washington Post